Privacy Policy

The Ridesharing Movement

Effective Date: May 18, 2018

Last revision: May 18, 2018

Welcome to Skjutsgruppen, the Ridesharing Movement!

By accepting the following Privacy policy, you consent to the terms and and conditions specified below.

Skjutsgruppen provides a fast, beautiful and fun way for you to share rides across the country and across countries. This Privacy Policy informs you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that we receive from participants that use our application, our website and Facebook applications.

In the course of using our services (application, website etc.) you may provide us with personally identifiable information. This refers to information about you that can be used to contact or identify you ("Personal Information"). Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, your name, phone number and email address. We use your Personal Information mainly to provide our services and administer your inquiries. Below follows sections describing what personal information we collect and why and what happens with the information collected. As a participant you are control of your personal information and you can delete your information when you want.


What information do we collect?

Information that you give us

●      First and last name

●      Email address

●      Mobile phone number

●      If applicable, any password (encrypted)

●      If applicable, information about what rides you search for and/or offer. To, from and stops in between that you add will be visible to other participants in the app and the information becomes public also outside the app.

●      If applicable, photo or photos of you:

○      if you choose to add a photo to your profile

○      if you add a photo to your ride or group

○      If you choose to share an “Experience”, this will include photo with name tags, and possibly text. Read section <About “Experience”> below.

●      If applicable, information about what groups you choose to become a participant of.

●      If applicable, any comments you write in relation to rides and groups.

●      If applicable, information that you have connected your Itunes/Google Play account in the functionality called the “Self-sustaining Garden” in the app.

○      If applicable, the amount of money you have supported the Ridesharing Movement with through the “Self-Sustaining Garden” functionality in the app.

○      Please note that we do not collect any information about bank account number, credit card or such.

●      If applicable, your live location. If you decide to share your live location, you are in control of how and when you do this.

●      If applicable, your social media information, if you choose to connect Twitter and/or Facebook.

About “Experience”

“Experience” is a functionality in the application.

●      When you and the ones you have rideshared with have completed your ride you have the option to make an Experience together. An Experience includes a photo, name tags, and a text, if you choose to write a text for the photo. To participate in an Experience is completely voluntary and you have the responsibility as a participant to mention to the ones you’re taking a photo of that you are photographing them and will post it in the app as an Experience.

●      All participants tagged in an Experience must accept in order for the Experience to be published in the app.

●      Once an Experience is published, it is possible that it will be shared outside of the app.

○      If you change your mind about an Experience, you are always free to withdraw yourself from the Experience. If this is the case the whole Experience will disappear for both you and everyone involved.

○      In the case that the Experience has already been shared outside of the app by the time of your withdrawal you may not hold Skjutsgruppen non-profit association, administrators of and individuals working with the Ridesharing Movement Skjutsgruppen or the Ridesharing Movement app and/or other participants responsible for this.

●      By accepting this Privacy Policy you also accept that all Experiences you have approved may also be shared by other participants and Skjutsgruppen freely in whatever manner they choose as long as it doesn’t break any of the other rules in the Participant agreement and/or any laws in the region that Skjutsgruppen or individual participants are sharing the Experience in.

○      This approval also includes the photo by itself, freely disconnected for what in the app is mentioned as an Experience.

●      Read more about Experience in section C.9. in the Participant agreement .

Information that we collect about you

●      IP address

●      Phone book contacts

●      Information about whether or not you are a supporter of the ridesharing movement app.

○      Information about how much you support the app through the self sustaining garden.

●      If another participant reports you for any reason, this will be registered in our database.

●      If you report another participant for any reason, this will be registered in our database.

●      The number of Experiences you have.

●          Anonymized device information, such as language settings, browser settings, time zone, operating system, platform, and screen resolution.

●      Information on how you interact with the Ridesharing app and the, that is, how to use our services.

●      Cookies

●      In the case of connecting your account to Facebook, the Skjutsgruppen's system will automatically connect you with your Facebook friends who also use Skjutsgruppen. By connecting to Facebook you allow Skjutsgruppen to gather information about who your Facebook friends are. If you believe that any of these Facebook friends are not your friends or should not be your friends on Skjutsgruppen's site, it is your responsibility to remove these friend connections on Skjutsgruppen (e.g. by going to a specific user and press "Remove ".) Information about who your friends are is also used in the function we call the "How-you-know-each-other". For more information, see section D in the Participant agreement .

Why do we collect the information?


●      Basic information (your name, email and phone number):

○      This information is needed in order to authenticize you as a participant and increase the safety of all participants in the Ridesharing movement. Also, the information can be used by the system in order to send you emails if you have forgotten your password or if an experience that you are a part of gets published.

○      Only the non-profit association that acts as an enabler for the movement can see your phone number and email. This information may be used, in a strictly limited way, to send you information such as a newsletter or text message. This information will not be distributed to any third parties outside of the non-profit association.

●      Other Information:

○       Information about how the app is needed to assure basic functionality of our technical solution (the app, webpage and such).

○      Information about the number of support, is used to accumulate the revenue and visualize the amount of expenses covered by supporters.

○      Information about reporting and being reported by participants is collected in order to follow up and resolve any disputes.

○      Cookies, may be used to help improve your use of our services. For example in the case of our website, we may use a cookie to recognize your computer and input information that you have previously given to us to save you from having to give us your information again. If you decide not accept cookies from us, you may enjoy a reduced user experience when you use our site and our services.


What happens with the information we collected?


This information is stored, encrypted and not seen by any other participant, or the non-profit association:

-       Your password.


This information is stored, encrypted and not seen by any other participant. Only the non-profit association sees this:

-       Your phone number.

-       Your e-mail address.


This information is only visible in the app for other participants:

-       Your full name.

-       Your social media information, if you choose to connect Twitter and/or Facebook.

-       If you are a supporter of the Self-sustaining Garden or not.

-       The number of Experiences you have.

-       Your comments.


Limitations in the app:

- Comments you make in closed groups are only visible for people in that group (however, rides in those groups are open).


This information can be seen by other participants using the app and potentially externally for people not part of the movement:

-       Your first name.

-       Photos you upload.

-       Rides that you have added and participated in.

-       Groups that you have added and participated in.

-       Experiences you have agreed to be a part of.

-       When you choose to show your love location (you are in control of how and when you do this).


How long will the information be stored?


The information you provide in this app is stored for as long as the app exists or until you choose to delete it. You delete your information in the settings sections of your profile.


Information about support of the self-sustaining garden will be stored for as long as you are an active supporter.


Where is the information stored?


All of the participants' information is stored on secure cloud based servers provided by GleSYS, a Sweden based hosting service provider, founded in 1999 in Falkenberg, Sweden (according to the information provided on their website).  


How can you access, correct and delete your information?


The non-profit association Skjutsgruppen acts as an enabler for the Ridesharing movement. If you wish access your data, rectify information or withdraw your consent, you can send an email to .

Right to access your data

You can free of charge request a copy of the information we have on you.


Right to rectification

You are entitled to correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself.


Right to be deleted

You are entitled to delete your data for cases where the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.


Applicability of this Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to the Ridesharing movement Skjutsgruppen’s app, website and membership in the non-profit association. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, do not access or use Skjutsgruppen’s app or the website, nor become a member of the non-profit association.


Skjutsgruppen owns the right to update this privacy policy. If the privacy policy is updated, you will need to agree to it again the next time you log in to The Ridesharing Movement app.


We are participants together, not customers. Seperately to this privacy policy, there is also a Participant agreement  that you need to accept in order to use our services.